Recreational Accidents

Recreational Accidents

Residents across the country have access to more recreational activities than ever before! However, having so many recreational activities to participate in also increases the chances that an individual will suffer an injury at the hands of a negligent party.

Recreational Accidents

Our states are full of activities, including numerous ski and snowboard resorts, hiking, fishing, camping, and a host of other recreational activities. While these activities are enjoyable, accidents can and do happen. 

Here are some of the most common accidents the 1-800-LAW-FIRM Legal Network can assist with:

Bicycle Accident 

For many people, cycling is a great form of exercise. For others, it is the primary mode of transportation. In many cities, riding a bike to work is easier, faster, and much cheaper than driving a car.

Some employers even offer incentives to employees who pedal to the office. And of course, riding a bike is a rite of passage for children and active teenagers without a driver’s license.

Unfortunately, many drivers ignore the rights of bicyclists and this results in serious injury accidents.

Boating Accidents

Due to the vast amount of lakes, boating is a popular hobby for residents. Boating accidents can occur due to the recklessness of other boaters, negligent manufacturing, or lack of signage.

Child Sports Injuries

Many kids begin organized sports at an early age. When kids are involved in sports, protecting their safety is paramount. Child sports injuries often occur due to dysfunctional equipment, equipment that is too small or too big, and broken equipment.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Although a trip to the swimming pool can be a relaxing event, if the environment is not properly maintained, it can be extremely dangerous. Accidents at pools commonly occur due to slippery surfaces, broken gates, improper mixture of chemicals, negligent staff.

Cruise Ship Incident

With many tourists vacationing on cruise ships, there is a potential for an incident to occur that results in injury to the passengers. Some of these include slip and fall accidents, food poisoning, and accidents due to negligent construction.

Amusement Park Accident

There are a variety of amusement parks across the United States. While visiting theme parks, individuals are often injured due to lack of signage, negligent staff, poor equipment, and poor construction.

With help from the 1-800-LAW-FIRM Legal Network, we could assist in holding the other party responsible and win the payment you need.

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